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See how KNOWING and LOVING The Truth causes us to BE ALIVE IN THE SPIRIT

and to actually 'walk in The Spirit'...

n to BE one of The Sons of God "WHO ARE LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD, who Worship IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH"?

BOTH ARE THE SAME, 'SPIRIT AND TRUTH', u can't have One without The Other.

You have the rest of ur life to make this REALITY yours, or u can take this crash course

and make the rest of ur life exciting n adventurous n powerful!

Amy:  As learning that to be one with Him -- Forgivenss is part of this great truth.  Walking in truth is walking in enough love for another to forgive wrongs done against us and to others.  We have the power to forgive sins--walk in this truth.  A beautiful image of how the Lord and I, and Lord and you, and the Lord and Us are One.  A frequencey of light; one strand from Him to me, one strand from me to Him; and then, another strand from Him to Us.  A connection in the spirit that we are All One.  we are the living breathing Son's of God.

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