The Seven Spirits of God

The Seven Spirits of God are the most wonderful and perfectly complete Interpreters and Facets of The Holy Spirit that are THE RIGHT THING in THE RIGHT PLACE, that means that there is no room for the wrong thing to come in, be there, return, or bring back seven evil spirits greater than itself. We needThe Spirit of The Mindto be full of This Anointing, that manifests the nature of God, The Mind of Christ, The Word, and The Will of God… even to our own soul first, as it comes out of The Presence of God in us. To move through us, it must affect us and change us and correct us and transform our own soul. Then all of this wonderful stuff must pass on into our body to bring our own body all this richness and goodness and Good News. Let it be on and in this earthen vessel as it is in heaven. Jesus is Lover of our soul and Savior of the body. He is The Healer. His Healing must be carried and distributed and ministered first of all within His own temple. ‘Know ye not ye are the temple of The Holy Spirit of God? (1Cor 6:19;2 Cor 6:16)’ For the body, there is also godliness. For the healing and discipline and the nurture and the care of the body, there is also an anointing from God, and an inheritance of The Charge of His Divine Life from Christ in you, to and for your own body, that is as a child to The Spirit-man and The Soul. They are as parents who must make all the decisions that direct the body through thewillto do whatever it will do or it will not do. This requires knowledge of God’s will and word, and healing virtue and wisdom and counsel and understanding.

Proverbs cautions us to guard our heart and mind(Proverbs 4:23;Phil 4:7).This guard is the godly filter that floods our consciences with the Knowledge of God, so that we won’t be fooled or double-minded, but full of the counsel of The Holy Spirit. Jesus may have been born of the virgin Mary, but He was conceived of The Holy Spirit. Conception is a feminine function. There is no sex, but role and function puts The Father in The Father role and Function, The Son in The Child role and function and The Holy Spirit in the role and function (not sex or gender) of The Motherhood of God. The gifts and The Fruits are of The Holy Spirit. This is our Instructor, our Comforter, The One who raised up Jesus from the dead. Now we are crucified with Christ, and we need to be raised in Him and with Him, by the same one that raised Him. Paul only travails for us ‘…TILL Christ be formed in us (Galations 4:19)’. We need The Holy Spirit in the practical way that The Seven Spirits of God are able to manifest in and to and through us. We need wisdom and we need understanding. ‘In all your getting, get understanding.' (Proverbs 4:7).

You must be ready for change or change cannot become one with you. You must be ready to leave the old, or when Help comes to deliver you, you will only resent the Help. You must hate the darkness and look forward to growing up into The Head, so you can let go of the immaturity that you are in and move out of it when the door is opened unto you. You must prepare The Way of The Lord in your own life and be ready to let go of the things He will remove from you in order to replace it all with His things and His nature and His promises. Become ready to let go of it, or no amount of Help, Deliverance, Counseling, and Healing anointing will help you or make you free. It is The Truth THAT YOU KNOW that makes you free. Are you able and willing to know and accept THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR SELF?

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