Who Controls You?

We are dealing withTHE SPIRIT OF THE MIND, yet for a moment. It contains the seat of Understanding. This is One of The Seven Spirits of God. ‘In all your getting, get Understanding’ we are told inProverbs 4:5,7.

The Understanding, The Imagination, The Conscience… what magnificent and powerful functions and gifts.

Who controls yours?

Is your conscience seared and blackened with an awareness of sin and guilt and shame and condemnation and unworthiness?

Is your imagination full of graffiti and flashes of perversion and lust and idolatry and pride and fear and vanity and self-consciousness instead of God-consciousness?

Is your understanding full of all The Truths that sing of the finished work that God has done to provide for you His Righteousness, His Name, His Blood, His Word, His Spirit

and His Authority?

Or is it all full of your own inadequacy?

Do you understand your Identification with Him in His death and in His resurrections life?

Do you understand your liberty and peace and sanity and purpose?

Do you stand under Him and understand Him?

Or are you god of your own little life and world and still out there alone, at the wheel making more and more stupid and isolating decisions for your self, still trying to get to the end of your self so that you can turn your life over to the One True and Real God?

There is a place that surrounds The Most Holy Place. It isTHE SPIRIT OF THE MIND. Is The Veil rent in your imagination, your understanding, your conscience? Is it the seven Spirits of God that interpret life to you and through you and for you? Or has the pit been cast out and returned to find no right thing in any right place yet, so he brings ‘seven greater than himself, and that person's problems are worse than before they started’?

What is surrounding that Most Holy Place, that is a precious and powerful place that is as a fortress and a stronghold in this kingdom of God that is in you? It will control and govern for whoever holds the ground controls the land. It is like a wall, or a hall; this fortress. Whoever has it has control over the life. It is calledThe Spirit of The Mind. The Spirit overlaps The Mind and creates a unique kind of supernatural place and realm that either moves or blocks the power of God from flowing into the soul and body to live an overcoming life that bears fruit that lasts.

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