What is the Spirit of the Mind?

There is that ‘option’ place and area and function. Is it overlapping with intimacy? Or is it a stony fortress full of the lying stronghold of the enemy that has convinced you that you cannot have intimacy with God? He has made every provision… even for sin. Our conscience can be a place of stronghold. There it is in the overlap ofTHE SPIRIT OF THE MIND

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The conscience is a major bridge to take from the enemy and use as a connector and fellowship and union opportunity. All obstacles, real or imagined, (“…casting down all vain imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.”2 Cor 10:5) must be torn down, rent, removed, cast down, overcome, etc., this area is like the mote around the castle. Does it hold the Resident; The King within captive? Or does it drop the draw bridge and only represent a respectful boundary. Is is welcoming and beautiful, full of water lilies and swans and music? Or is it full of gun powder and hard-heartedness and violence and crocodiles? Is the one within afraid and needing to hide from attack? Or is The King within and all that is about Him is open and forgiving and loving and ‘reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses against them’

What is inTHE SPIRIT OF YOUR MIND? What is your imagination… your ‘image-making factory and faculty’ full of? This is a God-given place and gift that is for the purpose of communication between God and Man, even in and through you! The imagination is one of the treasures in that fortress that is calledTHE SPIRIT OF THE MIND.

Whoever holdsTHE SPIRIT OF THE MIND, rather God or The Pit, controls you. These elements are some of your ‘members’ that you have already chosen to yield over to someone or something. Human beings are not powers in themselves, but they are only made to contain power, rather good or evil, life or death, light or darkness, love or fear. You are a vessel and your soul is equipment for some kind of spiritual power and principality. Either it will be The High Priest of our Faith, Jesus The Righteous Head and Firstborn, or The Prince of The Power of The Air that is the spirit that is in the world… all one, many facets, imitating God. No light of his own, satan comes as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14). He reflects like the moon does the sun, but he has no light of his own. Within he is not made of fire, but of cold deadness and dark, cold evil. He is the light of the night which cannot be compared with The Light that is The Son of God, Who is AN ALL CONSUMING FIRE.

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