Instructions to Someone about SPEAKING IN TONGUES!

It started as a reply to a text- yah- u know the drill. | Quite the contrary... There was no reply expected or required but I Am delighted to know it connected with you, the window that's open right now is one of those, "I can't do anything wrong, kind- where The Empowering Favor of God is so thick you can cut it with a knife. We are dealing with The Substance of God. He tells us things, repeats n confirms, and speaks in dreams n songs n prophecies, n promises- n confirms it, and then BAM! It's ON US NOW! This is where you mix a little effort... (Faith the size of a Mustard Seed) will move a mountain! Faith without works IS DEAD. With that Word about Prayer Language- the Mustard Seed is to GIVE IT YOUR VOICE- give that supernatural language 'some voice' and 'some volume' and as you do, at the same time you are making the clear choice and decision and gaining the understanding that your Soul... (the highest part of The Soul is THE MIND) ...will LET GO OF CONTROL (control OF THE TONGUE AND control of THE VOICE) TO CHRIST IN YOU, your spirit-man. That's why The Experience of The Baptism of The Holy Spirit includes the words, "with evidence of Speaking in Tongues". This Gift of The Holy Spirit, "Speaking in Tongues" is in itself EVIDENCE that the Soul (and specifically The Carnal Mind has relinquished CONTROL over THE VOICE AND TONGUE, and your Spirit-man (CHRIST in you) takes up that CONTROL. Then "The EVIDENCE" becomes THE manifested proof. The Soul has been behaving a bit like a Jezebel Spirit. She is NOT a Spirit (man) and the only way she ever will be ANY PART OF THAT would be by THE SOUL accepting, and submitting to, and yielding all that she is over to and yielding to Spirit as in a Marriage Union with CHRIST in You. When she finally "lets go" of 'The Steering Wheel', (control) and is finally WILLING to become submitted to Spirit- led by The Spirit, (CHRIST IN YOU). Only THEN can The Soul, (whose highest & strongest role and function is that of The Mind.) Therefore consider again, "Let THIS MIND be in You THAT IS ALSO IN CHRIST...".
Only by Soul making that shift into submitting tongue and voice for Spirit to 'wear the pants in The Family. (Get it?) LETTING GO of voice and tongue's POWERS- and potential- ... and then to the absolute bewilderment of The Soul, she is supposed to actually 'let... "Spirit" use these major tools & elements she has always controlled- and now "SHE" - "THE INTELLECT" IS supposed to (INSULTEDLY) give the power of the tongue and voice over to ...that... MAN?!?
The only way The Soul will ever even get close to being on top again is by entirely bowing her knee and LETTING HER TONGUE CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST is LORD"(...also known as 'SIR' and 'BOSS').if she can work under Him, only then can she work with Him. She is The Womb Function. She will never reproduce apart from The Order of God and His design for how The DNA PATTERN WORKS.
When the matter of 'Tongues' comes up, The Soul will either block and resist or submit and partake of The High Call.
The Soul is the Wife & mother function. Spirit is masculine and is the husband & father role n function. The body is the child function of The 3 in One Family Unit made in the image of our 3 in 1 GOD.
See where the battle and the shift must come and for the human soul to allow the voice and tongue she has only consciously appointment only shared with her body, now 2011 she is expected to include Spirit, which is masculine, 15 to return use that elemental part of the beard for expression of a language she has NEVER LEARNED!

"Those who serve God must believe that God is and that He is The Rewarder of those that diligently seek Him".

He is The Reward and The Rewarder!
Our dear Soul is really going through it with this one!
The last 'spirit-man she trusted was ADAM! At least the family of Adam- the Fallen Nature. This one is usually rooted deeply in abuse, addiction, idolatry, perversion, violence, etc, all human are born with an ADAMIC Nature. The only place for him is on the cross in the body of CHRIST crucified. He is already spiritually dead because of sin and "The wages of sin is death," (so for darn good reason that poor abused Soul of ours does NOT TRUST (spirit-MEN) However, The gift of God is ETERNAL LIFE"!
So Poor Soul- yes, she can be 'LED BY THE SPIRIT' (right?) but how does she tell her white knuckled grip on the steering wheel AND how can she be positive THAT IF SHE LETS HIM TOUCH THE STEERING WHEEL HE WONT DRIVE HER OFF THE CLIFF!

"The sons of God are led by The Spirit of God"- (right?) the labels n SELF-control lines are no longer necessary once she releases control to Him.
(AND CAN PROVE IT BECAUSE THERE IS EVIDENCE OF SPEAKING IN TONGUES- that she has accepted The Full covering and saturation throughout her being she is receiving The FULLNESS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT- (that Same Spirit that raised CHRIST from The Dead that dwells in me and is able to MAKE ALIVE MY MORTAL BODY."
Can and will this POOR Soul OF mine surrender ALL and stop being a Man-hater that is trying to make CHRIST wear what Adam actually did!
'CHRIST IN YOU' IS ready and waiting. Poor Soul... She must relax and surrender and choose to
RELEASE CONTROL OF THE TONGUE and THE VOICE so that 'The Gift' has something to 'work with' ... (So to speak)

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