I am in agreement with my God's most excellent will for my life.

I am changing from the inside out.

The Presence of God in me, now my spirit-man is changing me by out-raying from the core of my being.

My soul is in agreement that I am here for the availability of The Presence of God.

I am a vehicle for His Presence, a temple for The Holy Spirit.

Christ in me is my vehicle and empowerment for change.

He is breaking forth unto my own soul, to comfort her, encourage her, bath, wash and renew her in the meeting place between spirit and soul: The Spirit of The Mind.



Instead of all the vain imaginations that create fear and it's tag-team partners,

I can choose to read, hear, commit to memory, be comforted by the scriptures and faith stirring media that will cause me to think on and meditate on what I have come to believe and recognize as The Word of God and The Voice of God.

I am able to ‘enter into His rest and count on His finished work and His sovereign power.

I can ‘be still and know...' that God is omnipresent and the living God of now.With Godly motives, that kind of stillness will cause me, all the more, to become peaceful and powerful and to be transformed to change and grow. That kind of stillness; waiting on The Lord... being still before His acknowledged presence will bring me into another and higher place, to perceive Him and His will and nature and spirit and word and will, all the more.

We are all dealing with our own personal issues and problems and matters.Give me your sob story, your sad story and I will match it. Still, I am determined I am moving on forward.Because I am an Overcomer, I must get over my hurdles and obstacles.So I know that I must choose to believe that between God and I, He will get me through and over to the next wonderful, exciting and fun and beautiful and meaningful part of my life.

I am, in this transitional part of my life, much like a baby pressing out of the womb in due time.That womb eventually seems to have grown too small and dark, and I have grown and developed to be ready for the next place... and I am ready to be birthed into the next realm, that is the next stage of life for me.

Sometimes I want to squeeze my eyes shut and just hold on for dear life while The Lord, (still my Savior and Deliverer) carries me through the scary parts, where the substance of my faith has not yet appeared and become manifested in the present, therefore I must continue to hold onto it in hope.Hope holds on.Faith climbs the rope to get me from here to there; the next plateau on my mountainous journey.

Regardless of my weaknesses, God's strengths are able to be made perfect in them.

My present tribulation is a doorway and tunnel for me to inherit The Kingdom of God.I will go through it. I must begin to see it as my passage to my next better place, and in it all, trust and believe that God is God, and remember that God knows me and I know God, and I also thorugh this experience will grow to know Him better, and more intimately.The more I know God, the more I know The Truth.The Truth that I know makes me free.


I must die to, and turn away from and resist all wrong thinking that tells me I can't get beyond what has and is happening to me, and to us. Even though we may have missed it in some areas, or made poor choices, still, God is God and is for me and will never be against me.He is always available to me and for me and is faithful and able to deliver me and heal all of my situations and set me up according to my willingness to embrace Him and allow Him to move me and carry me through.

Therefore I am making a commitment to change.I am going to change.I have changed a lot and I am going to change some more. This season in my life will change me.I will soon find my self in a better situation and condition and state of being.I choose to trust in The Lord with ALL MY HEART.That leaves none of my heart that is invested anywhere else.I am not trusting in man, or politics, or money or my own strength and ability, but I am investing all my trust in God...


Jesus said that He is The Way.I will look for Him and I will find Him as my Way through it all and into my next situation, role, function, potential, calling.He says, ‘seek and you will find, ask and you will receive, knock and it will be opened unto you...'.

I will ask, knock and seek and look to You, Almighty God, in all of my questions, problems and fears.I will look to You and not lean to my own understanding.I will remember to form my anxieties into words so that I have packaged it all up in words and given them over to You in prayer.

{tab-Time is Now}

The time for change is NOW.Now I am changing, in this present second, adjusting by ‘the washing of the water of The Word of God'.I need to receive this washing as an ongoing flow.I need to practice choosing thoughts from God, in a connective stream without lapses.I need to guard my heart and mind from other ‘intruder thoughts' that would come in as fiery darts to assault my peace.

As I accept my thoughts from The Spirit of The Son of God, I am preparing my own self for the next series of present seconds of life-giving, life-bringing thinking.They will follow, and ‘temptation thoughts' will be presented to me also, so that I will have an opportunity to exercise my gifts of discernment and test my knowledge of God and my willingness to yield my self over to His Nature and His Greatness and His Goodness, and Righteousness, and Hope and Faith and Life and Love.

I must look for the right thoughts that I know by content and substance are from The Father, OUR Father.I must deliberately, consistently and perseveringly be choosing to think thoughts that are from The Mind of Christ.‘How precious to me, are your thoughts, oh God... so high, so wide, so deep... how precious to me.'

My behavior will change and my thinking will change as the only substance allowed into my mind to be entertained, are thoughts that are full of promise, hope, faith, courage and resurrection life.My thoughts, whichever thoughts I choose and allow, will flow from my mind into my emotions and form my feelings.I can choose my thoughts, but once I have entertained them and they become emotions, they take on weight like a baby being formed in the womb.I become pregnant and swollen and changed by my feelings.My feelings are the trigger for my will, and my will determines my behaviors: what I will or will not do.The will kicks the body into action, expression and manifestation.

As I choose to ‘let this mind be in me that is also in Christ Jesus', my daily activities will change and my appearance will change.My health will change.My countenance will change. My personality will change. My relationships will change.My finances will change.My quality of life will change.

Every anti-christ spirit will come against the Spirit of Christ.Jesus said, ‘My words are spirit and life to those who believe'.The Word of God is my weapon and my faith is my shield, scripture says that is able to quench all the fiery darts of the enemy.I will forgive every wound and all that was done to me and against me.I will not hold on or punish.I will not resent, but I will bless.I will not deceive myself, but I will own all of my own responsibility and I am willing to see that there was no other way in some cases.I did my best; I did what I had to do.I waited as long as I could.I could not live with the unrighteousness and ungodly motives.It could only go so far and I could not control him to change.I could only say and do what I had to do and so he left.I went crazy and he left.

Now I must let go and go on.I must only see my self as new and free.I am free to change and to believe God for my good future.What exciting adventure and opportunity is waiting for me in this day?What obstacles and challenges will fall across my path today that will require and demand that I yield my entire self, life and thinking over to THE MIND OF CHRIST, so that I will rise up and count it all joy and remember my true identity and go over, around or through to get to the other side.All that is lost I will count as dung for this opportunity that is the true purpose of life... to know that I cannot do this myself, it will have to be God.(Will I remember to thank You, Lord, on the other side of all this?I need to look there, because You did... ‘for the joy set before Him, He endured the cross'.)



I will not be afraid.I will be of good cheer.

I must only believe and get my self ready for something better.I need to stop looking at numbers: at my age, weight, finances, the scale, the years going by, and the numbers at church.

I need to stop believing that my transitional circumstances are my final resting place.I need to redeem the time and trust and believe the faithfulness of God.I can look back and know that things are truly better now than they were.

I am changing.I will redeem the time.I will pick my self up and go on.I will do all I can do now to be more than ready for that which is most excellent to come.I must be ready to meet that which is most excellent.I need to prepare for that which is greater than I can think or imagine, even as this that is past and gone was also greater than I was able to think or imagine.

This will be different.I must get the baggage and the old memories out of my storage places and clean them all out and get my heart and the spirit of my mind cleaned out like an attic and a basement and a garage.I will do all I can do in this hour and in the day to come.I am changing in each present second and I will and I am keeping my thinking targeted on what my God says about all things, about me and about His plans for me and my future.That is the truth.There is no possibility of any other reality.The most excellent thing is the only truth about my future and all my future relationships according to how I believe and accept and prove by my preparation for the fulfillment of the promises of God.

I will only think of my self on the other side of my hurdles.I will see myself over there.Soon I will appear there.I will measure the steps that I see it will take me to get there and I will map them out with a daily deadline plan that will be accelerated and thorough and flexible, but not procrastinating.I am changing.

Right now I am entertaining THE MIND OF CHRIST that will not let me be discouraged or flooded with loneliness or self-pity.I shake it all off and I get up and I count it all joy and I praise The Lord and I trust him with my whole heart... that leaves none of my heart that needs to trust anyone else.I am able to choose this path rather than the path of one who entertains fear, murmurs and complains.

I will love and forgive and encourage everyone else, and I will trust The Lord with all my heart and not lean to my own understanding, and He will bring it and me to pass.This too will pass and it will pass with me redeeming the time and seizing the day as a place of transformation and change that will bring me from where I am to where I want to be.This is the pass.This too will pass.I am in a passage of transition, being birthed and delivered out of one place into a better place yet!!!I am changing.



I am spirit.

I speak to my soul and my body... as a whole, there is not doubt, I am changing!

My precious soul... you are changing.This is all for good and in a short time you will be far more beautiful and lovely and loving than you have ever been before.Just let me help you and get a few more of these spots and wrinkles off from you... these things do not become you.

Let me bathe you with the washing of the water of The Word of God.

Let me cleanse you from the pain and the shame and the disgrace and the stress.

Let me wipe the furrow from your brow and I do not need botox to do that.

I will wash the spots and smooth out the wrinkles and you will forget the former disgrace. New and greater love than you have ever known will bring you a more youthful beauty and a relief from anxiety and loneliness.Greater transformation is the result of going through these things that seem to be your fiery trials today.Change is on the way.

Until the fulfillment, though, in all these places, you must be cleansed and purged from what was and the residue of the past.You must be filled instead with forgiveness and love, hope and trust in our God and in His great faithfulness that is real.I am changing.



I will take care of my body as a child who needs guidance.My body needs parenting by a loving spirit-man and a caring and conscious and present soul, a soul who is designed by God to mother and instruct and discipline and guide and nurture this childlike body.My body, my girl needs attention and nutrition,exercise and affection and acceptance... support, communication, connection and rest.She needs a plan that is good.She needs to laugh.A merry heart is good medicine.

I will become more loving, more kind, gentler, more tactful, more forgiving, more merciful, and more patient, more kind, and I will have more self-control and I will be able to handle suffering for longer time.

I will become more simple, honest and direct.

I will pare down my things and belongings.

I will develop new lifestyle habits of eating and exercise and vitamins and health and rest and work and thinking.

Are there some licenses and liberties I have taken up that would be a wiser choice for me to lay down?Do I give myself a sloppy path?Are there areas that I am too strict and legalistic with my self?I pray for truth in these areas that will come as conviction.

I will pray about these things.



I am in agreement with my God's most excellent will for my life.

I am changing from the inside out.

The Presence of God in me, now my spirit-man is changing me by out-raying from the core of my being.

My soul is in agreement that I am here for the availability of The Presence of God.

I am a vehicle for His Presence, a temple for The Holy Spirit.

Christ in me is my vehicle and empowerment for change.

He is breaking forth unto my own soul, to comfort her, encourage her, bath, wash and renew her in the meeting place between spirit and soul: The Spirit of The Mind.

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